Manga manga manga~

why oh why....
Ever since I started reading manga I've become an Otaku -_- 
Most of my moneys are spend for manga
Most of my Times are spend for manga
Most of my... oh well

I remember that I need half of day to rearrange my manga and I remember my beautiful bookcase is breaking.
My father is the person who introduce me to manga world when I was still little he bought a lot of manga like Dragon ball and Doraemon. And when I was in elementary school I was so obsess with Sailor moon and Horror manga. And of course because I'm still little my parent was the one who pay XD 
Entered Hight school I started to bought manga with my own money. My brother and sister also buy manga but not as exhaustively as me. whatever I got money I spend it for manga or anime or merchandise... I think I spend millions for that three x__x
since I graduate high school I stop buy new manga because I don't want to spent anymore money, I decide that I only want to buy manga that I've already buy to complete it.
Manga rental is my money savior, I read manga online to prevent myself for buying new manga but some time there's no manga or chapter update but miraculously the manga that I want to read was published in my country so~~ I go to manga rental and read it lol

even thought  I told myself that no new manga but yesterday I bought two new manga (GAHHH my habit is die hard) My Sweet Kaicho (Kaicho wa maid sama) and Black butler (Kuroshitsuji). I was like crazy, Black butler already published 8 volume and I can only found vol. 1,2,3,6, and 7. I was go to three bookstore (walking) and only manage to found vol. 8 (I didn't buy vol. 8). Since this is Ramadan month I was Fasting so I felt my self so damn tired, so exhausting, so sleepy and yeah so hungry x__x

Truth to be told I still attach myself to manga, I enter graphic design majors and manga is one of my inspiration resource. At least I only intend to buy manga and art book in future
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Ramen Lover~


a holy month for Muslims. I hope I can drop a weight XD

my first day of Ramadan is very... very... weird...
I goes to my elementary school without call the school for a surprise but in the end me and my friend was the one that surprise... because it was holiday.... in the end we only met one of school staff.
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Ramen Lover~

Happy Birth... what?

Today is my Birthday, I plan to do a exactly a 12.00 AM post in my FB but my beloved brother cut the net exactly 12.00 AM nice.... 
and..... somehow I can't open FB after that T____T
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Ramen Lover~

Night is Morning and vice versa

I'm still in my beloved holiday and yet my time of sleep is getting late... T^T
its often made me skip breakfast and I want to eat HONEYYYY STARRRRRRRRR *hikz

I've told myself that I must correct my time schedule but...... HEY IT'S HOLIDAY *Ugh
I only come to my campus every Tuesday and after that I sulking~~~ hahaha

I wonder if I must spend 24 hours of my time for sleep so I can correct my unstable schedule
It's only a matter of time before I got scold because of my (routine) morning sleep  
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Ramen Lover~

My dearest Foot 2

yesterday and today was like hell and heaven.
Hell because I must woke up really early for foot reflexology and today I just know that i have uric acid.... (I'm still younggggggggggggggg) anyway heaven because I sleep almost 8 hour XD
2 days to go  


Ramen Lover~

My dearest Foot

My First time for "totok kaki" or Foot Reflexology, it hurt sooooo mucchhhhhhh I was like...
"hahahahahahahaha" (some spot are ticklish)
and then....


and I have to do it for five day later T__T


Ramen Lover~

up coming UAS (Exam)

So much work to do, little free time to spend, and I'm still write my LJ -__-"
anyway my first exam is DKV ( graphic design ) I must make Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and psychedelic hikz
whis me luck~
Ramen Lover~

Sakit peyutttttttt

I don't know why but I have stomach ache. Maybe someone cursing me...
anyway for my lil sis :

the password is one of your beloved sexy bro -3- just family name


sorry for the late, because our beloved poring cut the net -___- and MF is error hahaha
here the JPG version:
the pass is one of your neighborhood, peanut brothers, just family name again